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Luxury bridal for today's modern muse

At Love Story London we are proud to create designer wedding dresses for today’s modern bride.

Each collection tells a story, every design in-sync with a fusion of modern bridal design and femininity.


Our designer wedding dresses in our Iconics collection pay homage to our classic designs, these are wedding dresses that will never date. The timeless look enables brides to be creative with styling and adding their own personality to their gown.

Chapter One

Our designer wedding dresses in Chapter One is where it all began, our first bridal collection we shared with the world. Simplicity in it’s finest form, a strong identity for our brand was born using crepe fabrics with a signature fitted look.

Let there be Love

Our designer wedding dresses in Let there be Love held a playful approach to mixing fabrics and explored the introduction of Lace, whilst staying true to our identity of sleek crepes.


Our designer wedding dresses in our Amare collection, a celebration of Love. Fuller satin styles with dreamy skirts shot in the Ibizan sun to capture the glamour of ‘Amare’

Always you

Our designer wedding dresses in our Always you collection are dedicated to a new era of bridal. You will see us explore textures, textures and more textures. A move toward draping and introduction to more luxurious fabrics, luxury at another level