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BLAKE - Love Story London

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Luxury bridal for today's modern muse

With over a decade in the bridal industry, Laura Shepherd is the creative behind Love Story London. Originally designed as an inhouse private label, Love Story London has evolved to become a featured name in luxury bridal, redefined for today’s modern muse. 

As a modern approach to luxury bridal, Love Story London transcends the ordinary, celebrating a minimal aesthetic while presenting a confident balance of everlasting elegance and a statement feminine focus. Inspired by each and every bride that has chosen to share their love story with us, our female led team pours heart and soul into creating iconic styles through thoughtful design and attention to detail in the designer wedding dresses we produce. 


Dedicated to brides who have a desire to create an individual bridal style that reflects her own strong identity, Love Story London creates minimal, modern and customisable designs - each dress an icon of luxury! 

The statement silhouettes, the most luxurious fabrics and finest of details ensure our contemporary designs sit alongside everlasting style to ensure that our designer wedding dresses are adored for generations to come. 


We pride ourselves in offering our brides the highest quality bridal gowns through luxurious fabrics and thoughtful designs. Created with meticulous precision and love, our hand-crafted dresses epitomise quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our incredibly talented team dedicates themselves to ensuring our designer wedding dresses are finished to the highest standard and finest detail. 

Designs and Customisations 

The unique beauty of Love Story London designer wedding dresses is the fully customisable designs, lending themselves beautifully to styling and creating a brides own individual look. Allowing for split styles, switching fabrics, changing necklines, brides have the ability to create their own bridal edit, unique to them. At the heart of each design is the vision of the bride that will choose to feature us in their own love story, wearing a designer wedding dress which truly reflects their individual bridal style. 

Our Partners 

Love Story London is proud to partner with exclusive bridal boutiques who share the same vision for a mutually supportive working relationship. You will find our Love Story London designer wedding dresses on the rails of only a handful of the most luxurious bridal studios throughout the world. Our exclusive partnerships ensure that brides have the opportunity to view all that Love Story London has to offer while being treated to the highest luxury bridal experience.

Who We Are

Female Founded, Female Run, Female Focussed! We are a dedicated team who all play their individual part in ensuring we offer the very best style, quality and service in luxury bridal. Having recently opened our first Flagship store in Connaught Village, London, we have now firmly put our designer wedding dresses on the map.